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Photomission Exposure: we talk to photographers from all different backgrounds each episode we bring you their stories, each guest offering something for us to learn.

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Darren Jew

This episodes guest is Darren Jew a award winning photographer from an early age Darren knew that he wanted to be an nature photographer, Darren shares his journey and his thoughts on photography. Come join us for a frank and honest conversation.

Check out Darren's work at https://www.instagram.com/darrenjew/ 
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Colleen Harris

On this episode we chat with photographer Colleen Harris who is based in Rockhampton Qld Australia, Colleen has shot a lot of different photography subjects , but loves shooting young children. We caught up with Colleen in Brisbane as she was down for the Qld AIPP State awards. Colleen shares her photography journey so far and the important of being connected with the AIPP and how it helped her grow into a better photographer, come join us and hear her story. Checkout Colleen Harris work on these sites https://www.charleephotography.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/CharleePhotographyRockhampton/
learn more about AIPP https://www.aipp.com.au/

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Kris Anderson 

“A couple of weeks after recording this podcast Kris was announced as the AIPP Epson Qld Photographer of the Year 2019 “
Kris’ work has received gold awards at state, national and international levels. In 2017 he earned the title of AIPP Queensland Professional Illustrative Photographer of the Year for the second time, as well as being named the AIPP Australian Professional Illustrative Photographer of the Year.A relative new comer to photography he’s only been shooting for a short number of years , but has achieved a lot with his photography in that time, Kris shares an insight into his photography and his thoughts on story telling through images. Come join us for an honest and open discussion with photographer Kris Anderson. Checkout Kris’s work on Instagram ,Facebook and Kris’s website.
Learn more about AIPP https://www.aipp.com.au/   https://m.facebook.com/images.by.anderson/    http://www.imagesbyanderson.com

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Odell Harris 

Our guest photographer this episode is Odell Harris, his passion for imagery started at an early age, looking though photo albums at his grandparents home and photos of his grandfather during the war, left a lasting impression.
Odell's love for the ocean also started at an young age, in 2013 these two passions came together and he started creating and capturing surfing photos.
His podcast Chasing Clarity is about ocean imagery, come listen and learn about the events that has shaped his photography career. Check out Odell's work and link to his podcast at

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Robyn Wood

This episode we speak with photographer Robyn Wood who is a mixed media artist, a Getty Images contributor, and currently expanding her knowledge studying at QCA at Southbank Qld campus. Robyn shares a lot about her photography journey. Check out Robyn work at https://purplesalt.net https://instagram.com/purplesaltcr8

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Megan Popelier

Our guest on this episode is Megan Popelier works as a fashion & beauty photographer currently located in Brisbane, Australia. Growing up in country Victoria, she discovered her interest in photography from an early age. Megan later moved to Brisbane to pursue her love for photography with a completion of a Bachelor of Photography, at Queensland's College of the Arts; and awarded by the AIPP. Megan is a passionate and energetic about her craft which very clear as we learn about her photographic journey.checkout Megan’s Instagram feed instagram.com/meganpopelier

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Alison Hockings

This episode our Guest is Alison Hockings Award-winning AIPP photographer with 20 years experience in the wedding industry. Alison’s business name is Alison Cooke Photography, as well as running her business Alison is on the Qld AIPP Council, she shares an insight into her career and her thoughts on the photography industry www.alisoncookephotography.com Instagram

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