2020 Episodes


What to do when Someone Steals Your Images?

In this episode we talk about what to do when someone steals your images, this can be quite upsetting to see you work used in an unauthorised way, plus the possible loss of income, putting your work on social media does put you at risk of someone using your images for their own gain. When you detect one of your images has been stolen, contact the person or company involved explaining the breach and how you want it resolved, reporting the unauthorised use to the social media source is another good option. Adding an watermark can provide a little more protection and using low res images. come join us. EP63

What Resources are available for Photographers?

In this episode we talk about using the resources that you can easy find on line to help your photography during isolation, youtube a great source of information about photography, especially post production techniques which can help take your photography to the next level. Following other photographers can be helpful to keep you motivated also. Local Community photography groups are in all major cities which can be helpful in connecting with other local photographers, also national photography communities like the Canon Collective are a great resource, you can find ,most on facebook.
And it your here you already know the value in podcasts as a resource for photographers. come join us.What Resources are Available for Photographers  EP62 


Using the Downtime to plan the direction of your Photography.

In this episode we talk about using the time in isolation to get your photography business in order, from rewriting your contracts , to cleaning your equipment, writing procedures for all areas of your photography. Reviewing your website and social media platforms, getting past, present clients and friends rate your what your doing in the social media area. Reviewing your equipment and planning future equipment upgrades. Planning an exit strategy for when restrictions on business are lifted, so you can hit the ground running and more come join us.  EP61

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