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What is Brisbaneís 24 Hour Photomarathon?
This an event for photographers of all skill levels, to push them out of their comfort zone to create and capture 24 images in a 24-hour period, every hour a new brief is released on social media. We asking photographers to challenge their bodies and challenge their minds, entrants must capture their images in the Brisbane local authority area.
What type of Cameraís are allowed?
Entrants can capture their images on any digital device they like, DSLR, Compact Camera, Mobile phone or other, but must stick with that class of device for the duration of the event, entrants are permitted to use more than one device from the same class during the Photomarathon.
What type of photographers can enter?
Anyone who owns a camera and takes photos, from beginnerís all the way though to pro photographers, an opportunely to see how far you can take your photography most photographers surprise themselves when pushed out of their comfort zone.
What type of images will entrants be asked to capture?
The briefs will be released each hour, and will contain a wide range of subjects, covering many aspects of Brisbane City life and landmarks.
When does, the Event Start?
Saturday 3rd June 12 Noon in King George Square, the event will be opened by Brisbaneís Lord Mayor and the first brief will announced and will continue to 4th June  12 Noon. You have up to 6 pm to submit your entries.
What are the Entry options?
You can enter as a solo photographer and shoot all the briefs yourself, or you can enter a team with up to four photographers where you nominate who shoots what, you can share the 24-hour period between the other photographers, or all shoot 24 images and submit your best 24 captures, team photographers can use a mixed class of cameraís but each must stick to their chosen class.



Will there be other Photography related events during the Photomarathon?
Yes, we are organizing workshops and special access events to run during the Brisbane 24 Hour Photomarathon   
Will there be a Checkpoint during the Event?
Yes, there will be a 24 hour check point in King George Square, with recharge stations for entrantís devices and staff to answer any questions, plus you stop and chill with other photographers during the event.
What If I Donít shoot 24 Images?
A solo photographer can submit less than 24 images, the images that are submitted will still be considered for judging and prizes, team entries must submit 24 images for consideration to be judged for a team prize.
Whatís the connection with Lord Mayors Photographic Awards
The event is being run with some sponsorship from Brisbane City Council and images captured during the event that are approved entries can be entered in Lord Mayors Photographic Awards  [open to Australia residents only}   
When will the winners be Announced?
The winners will be publicly announced on the 1st July 2017    

Have you got some free time?
Have you bought a new camera but don't have motivation to take pictures yet?
Photo Mission can help, why not come fit in a few hours with your camera and photograph Brisbane's surrounding areas.
Photo Mission specializes in small, custom-made Tours/Challenges for photographers. Whether you are an experienced or a beginner, we look forward to helping you see your local area.
Photo Mission offers the opportunity to meet other photographers who share the same passion. Anyone with an interest in photography will find inspiration on our tours.

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