2018 24 Hour Photomarathon

24 Hour Photomarathon 2018 Details

Challenge your body, Challenge your mind

A Photomarathon is a photography competition with a difference, it combines photography and the basic elements of a marathon. Participants are required to shoot a series of photographs on predetermined briefs in a set period of time.

The concept for a Photomarathon started in Madrid in the early 1980s, courtesy of friends Eduardo Soto & Antonio Bolivar with 2515 entrants competing. Since this, Photomarathons have been running in different cities all over the world.

On the 13 & 14th of October 2018 Photo Mission Australia will host the Photomission 24 Hour Photomarathon 2018.
there is also a 12 Hour Photomarathon on Saturday 13th October
Over the course of 24 hours entrants will shoot up to 24 photographs of 24 briefs given a the start of the photomarathon
the 12 Hour entrants
will shoot up to 12 photographs of 12 briefs given each hour of the photomarathon
Prizes for best image each category and runnerup

Understanding Briefs ZOOM0050_TrLR.mp3
Last Years Winners
Photomarathon 2017 Best 24 By Solo Photographer
Photomarathon 2017Team Winner
Photomarathon 2017DSLR Category Gallery
Photomarathon 2017 Phone Category Gallery
Photomarathon 2017 Compact Category Gallery
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